Relationship Difficulties Nowadays

Men have had problems communicating with Relationship Difficulties women for a long time. It is difficult for us to communicate and for me personally there is nothing strange about it. On the level of simple matters, expectations and sexual. I started to think about it, and as always, I find that the fault is on both sides.

When you don’t get along in a relationship

I got a message regarding the sender’s partner. I have recently had similar dilemmas and many conclusions on this subject, also thank you very much for your trust and an e-mail from the lady who wrote:

– My problem is we don’t get along. I don’t understand what he means at all. It started a long time ago, but only the biggest arguments appeared after the renovation. I wanted to make him dinner since he was busy painting the ceiling. He didn’t need me, so I preferred to do something to make him happy. He also became very rude. We started going out with friends, and he tells horrible jokes with them. I don’t like them. I don’t know if I should, but we’re actually human, so I’ll make a fool of myself at the most. While we are doing this, he asks me to kneel in front of him. After all, I am not like those ladies from the movies that I admit to watching. I have one more problem with this.

I talked about it with my friends and they think. That he should propose to me and earn money for his own apartment. I don’t know if they are right and I don’t expect it from him. But on the other hand, they think he wants to make me his maid. I don’t know what to think – a piece of correspondence.

There are several other aspects to a sexual disagreement. I mean the world ‘s expectations of relationships, changes in society’ s approach to topics that were once taboo, and greater access to pornography. Is there a way around it?

What is the man’s problem – Relationship Difficulties

At the level of understanding with the Woman, there is discomfort when they do not understand or ignore our approach to matters. Take furniture folding, for example. She thinks it’s a guy’s job, so she goes shopping or taking a bath if she’s not needed at the moment.

She doesn’t understand that he’s doing it for her in the first place. For himself, he would not fold this wardrobe because he does not need it. And really, the guy doesn’t make the same assumption as the Woman, suggesting that it is for their common good that he edits. It’s really unnecessary for him. So before you assume that he does not need you, remember that even if he does not need you, it is a net and look at least without saying a word, even if you think it is pointless.

Another example is not talking about your SharekAlomre needs. Examples of ” whatever ” or ” you won’t understand anyway “. All right. A man does not always understand, Relationship Difficulties and we treat mood changes as normal, because “women have this”. On the other hand, first, dear Lord, you say how bad we are, and a moment later you do not want to reveal to us why you think so? And what will a guy like that think over time? To treat every whim as a whim of a ragged daughter.

Relationship Difficulties Nowadays

Expectations of friends towards your relationship

I have a friend whom I often want to answer to make her go crazy. He is my age (currently 22). He forces me with his boyfriend to start gathering for the house, propose and prepare for starting a family in the future. Maybe such reasoning is responsible, but for me personally stupid. At the age of 20, they already want to have a home, not knowing if they will be together in the future?

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Moreover, what do they have to do with how I decide my life? They want to pursue their goals regarding a villa with a swimming pool and a dog pulled from the states, Relationship Difficulties let them pursue it. I don’t care and thank you for all the advice. Their life, their business. So is my life, my business.

Similarly, I felt embarrassed when other friends asked if I had already proposed to my partner. No offense to that part of the readers who did the same. However, the fact of propositions and marriages right after school is idiocy for me. Three years without engagement does not Relationship Difficulties bother us and does not offend our relationship. We are happy and we do not see the need to have a baby anymore because others do.

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