Sex and Passion Are Not Enough. What Do Men Really Want?

Once upon a time, Sex and Passion and really is now, there was a girl who had no idea what men wanted. It is true that she had lived with her boyfriend for several years, and the family treated them like a marriage. The downside was that he liked it as much as having ten toes. It’s nice to have them, but it’s not something that makes you feel like the ruler of the world.

One sunny day, he looked deep into her eyes and stammered out,
“I have to tell you something …
” “Yes, honey?”
– I don’t know if we fit together …

She felt like Zeus hurled lightning at her, so she decided to show him that he was wrong. They were about to go on vacation, so she bought new clothes and decided to smile even when she had no reason to do so. She prepared breakfast every day. She went on the long bike rides he liked so much with him, and they went to bed together every night.

As the trip was nearing the end, she decided to engage in a match-up conversation. She hugged and said,
“It was a fun trip, wasn’t it?” We did a lot of things together, we rode our bikes, we laughed, there was sex. Do you still think we don’t fit together?

He was careful. It surprised her, but it didn’t surprise me at all.

The world (and all kinds of movie trash) are eager to say what men want. They convince women that guys want sex, silicone breasts, iron muscles and the ability to save the world.

Only they really want something completely different.

Men want Acceptance – Sex and Passion

Of the unconscious dreams of mankind, the most important thing is: “That someone would accept me exactly as I am.” Then you feel that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. That you can be wrong. That someone sees you as you are and you are ok in every configuration.

Getting it is like lying in a down duvet and smell the pancakes in the morning.

Most guys don’t get it because women may have James Bond and still want to perfect him. After all, he could drink less Martini. Play poker less often. Take out higher insurance. Find yourself an office job.

Honestly, so far I don’t understand why people associate with someone who doesn’t suit them . But I do know that there is a huge difference between helping you DilMil grow and changing. The first is by saying, “Be better if you want it yourself.” The latter only means: “Be different.”

Sex and Passion Are Not Enough. What Do Men Really Want?

Men need time for themselves

You can manage your emotions in different ways. Women most often talk about their problems. Men digest them alone. They think while sitting in the armchair. They lock themselves in Sex and Passion the garage and DIY. Some people turn on the console and break away from reality. They play sports or immerse themselves in their passion.

This is an important part of maintaining mental health that women often do not understand. They say everything would be fine. But his passions are expensive and impractical. They get angry that there are so many things to do and he will rest! Suspect that their guy will be chasing. Skirts with his buddies. Possibly outraged, they say that they also don’t have time for themselves, so “Hello! Welcome to adulthood! “

Just that doesn’t mean the problem is in need of peace. It is in the fact that you claim the right to decide how he should rest, you do not allow him to do so because you chose a 17-year-old as your mental partner or because you did not fight for your right to rest. It does not change the fact that you both have the right to it.

Men miss being foolish

Do you know what people do who tickle each other on the couch, play pranks, go spontaneously to the seaside or have fun and not mention in the meantime that you have to go shopping the day after tomorrow? They build a relationship.

In the first months of acquaintance, such things are done all the time. In the following, the proportions change. Less things are done together and more is required. He smiles less often and sits sourly more often.

Eric Berne believed that everyone has three patterns of behavior that are represented by Adult, Child, and Parent. The adult speaks to you in a mature voice, takes facts into account, and is able to put emotions aside. It is thanks to him that you can work and resolve conflicts. The child is spontaneous, Sex and Passion emotional and wants to play. Brings a breath of creativity to your life. It makes you feel joy and you say, “Great!” There is also the Parent, which is the part of you that tells you what you must do as a responsible adult. “You are already thirty years old!” – he states indignantly, and your inner child sends you to the corner.

And you see, everyone knows life is no joke, but you can’t keep saying, “This is serious!” Everyone also needs frivolous and trivial matters, especially since we fall in love with the other person because of their inner child. The more you lock them in a room, the less person he loves is left with you.

Men need Autonomy

The girls dream of getting married because they have been told since childhood that it will be their best day.

In contrast, boys are told that from that moment on, everything that is good in their lives will end.

I’m exaggerating, but only a little, because most men believe that the relationship is the end of fun, freedom and the possibility of being able to fulfill themselves as they wish. For an ambitious guy, this is a key issue , so on the one hand he wants to be with you, and on the other hand, he wants to be able to decide who he will be and what he will achieve.

After all, even if you are number 1 in someone else’s life, you are still in HIS life.

Men want to feel needed – Sex and Passion

I once read that a family functions well when each of its members has their own “horse”, which is the thing they do best. This includes adults, teens, and wayward two-year-olds. Thanks to the fact that someone knows that they make the best pizza in the world, gives the best hugs, or is able to sort documents like no one else, they can feel part of the team. If he doesn’t feel like he’s giving Sex and Passion something of value, he quickly begins to think that it might as well not be there.

This is what women who have achieved a lot often don’t understand. Sometimes they are so proud of themselves that when they meet new guys they repeat: “I have made it all by myself and I don’t need anyone.” It’s like saying you don’t have room for someone and be surprised that they are listening.

Feeling helpless is the worst, but being redundant is not much better.

What else do men want? The women they want to apply for

This is the most tricky point. If you hear about what men want, it turns out that their dream is an always horny chick in a skimpy skirt that will turn into a waitress three to five times a day. If you believe that this is enough, you will end up like the heroine in the introduction to this text.

So what do men want if not submissive? Independence. Men don’t brag about it, but they don’t like owning someone. The sexiest woman is always the one who is a bit beyond their reach. One who knows how she wants to be treated and has limits that can only be crossed the first and last time. She is so confident that if you tell her, “Jump!”, She will not thoughtlessly ask, “How high?”

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For a good house party there must be sweet and salty snacks. In a good relationship, there must be tenderness, respect and a pinch of uncertainty, because it is not enough for someone to get the best from you. That someone must still value it. Consider it unique and valuable. To think that the person next to you is someone worth being better for.

And the funniest thing is, it’s not up to him. In order for him to see you that way, you must first start to think of yourself that way. Can you?

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